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At Solutions for Independence we advocate for our clients and their children to assure all needs are being met. We often receive calls from caregiving children who don't know where to turn to for support as their parents age. 


Our Consultants can help with direction and options to navigate the ever changing health care system. We offer a personal or phone assessment to help get a better understanding of the situation to determine the best support plan. Whether it be a caregiver, a medical device such as a cane or walker, long term or nursing care, rehabilitative services like physical or occupational therapy or maybe even downsizing to a first floor living option or retirement community, we can help. 


Our conversation and assessment of the situation will help answer many questions and allow us together to come up with a plan. This plan of care will help to ensure mom and dad’s needs are being met while assuring they are living safely with the most independence as possible. 

Solutions For Independence

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