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Senior Care Advocacy Pittsburgh, Pa

Patient and Nurse

We offer many Solutions for families who live at a distance and/or Seniors and their families who are struggling to navigate the healthcare system. 

For adult children who live at a distance, knowing that mom & dad are struggling can be stressful. Living at a distance makes it impossible to know if their nutritional, safety and hygiene needs are being met. Our advocates can help. 

   We can support aging parents in any situation by providing                 the care, support and direction they need.

Through our comprehensive Care Management program, we will conduct a face to face meeting with your parents. This will allow us to ascertain the necessary information to lead them and you in the best direction. If they are in need of home assistance, meals, or home improvements we can recommend  and coordinate all necessary services. We will also oversee the services to assure the best care is being delivered to your parent.

If mom or dad would benefit from downsizing, we will help to locate the best housing options for them, whether it be an apartment setting or long term care setting such as assisted living or skilled nursing. We will be their support throughout life's transition to be sure all of their questions and needs are being met.  We can also take care of the actual move, coordinate the set up of furnishings and belongings in the new location and work with you and/or your parents to decide what is best for any items remaining.   We can also assist with setting up realtors for the sale of an existing home if needed. 

We act as an advocate and liaison between you & your parents to give you the peace of mind that they are ok. We will become your eyes and ears while assuring you that mom and dad are living as safely as possible in the best environment to meet their needs. We offer support services to  meet these goals: 

Care Management Services

  • Medication Management
  • Escorts to and from physician appointments
  • Liaison between physician, client and family
  • Coordination of care-giving services
  • Oversee caregivers and schedules
  • Support with changes in conditions
  • Assure communication between specialists, physicians and healthcare providers
  • Oversee proper medical care and communications during hospital admission
  • Coordinate 24 hour care if necessary during hospital admission


Power of Attorney Medical

  • Act as personal representative
  • Advocate based on client directives
  • Oversee all healthcare needs
  • Communicate with physicians & specialists 
  • Assure health care wishes are honored 
  • Manage hospital stays
  • Support with navigating the health care system


Power of Attorney Durable/Financial

  • Manage finances and pay bills
  • Manage assets
  • Liaison with financial representatives
  • Liaison with legal representatives
  • Financial and estate planning
  • Manage legal affairs
  • Communicate with advisers
  • Locate resources
  • Pay taxes
  • Sign contracts
  • Manage bank accounts


Health and Wellness Management

  • Face to face meetings
  • Safety assessment
  • Review of medical conditions
  • Review of history and physical
  • Overview for care options
  • Discussion of goals and desired outcome
  • Develop wellness plan

Initial Visit Includes:

Completing a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate level of healthcare and living needs.


Developing a "Plan of Care" with you and your parents to include coordinating medical, supportive, social, legal and financial services.


Offering resources and options to best meet their current and ongoing needs.


When children live at a distance or lack the considerable time it takes to search for retirement living options, our Care Managers can help:


            Retirement/Long-term Care Placement Support

If placement in a Retirement Care setting is necessary, we will guide you and your parents through the entire process. We can help find various living options: independent livingassisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing care. We determine affordable options, availability and can schedule and accompany your parent for tours, assist in completing admission paperwork, and coordinate the actual move as well as prepare an existing home to sell. Once your parent is in the best facility to meet his/her needs, we can conduct monitoring visits to ensure safety, comfort and the appropriate quality and level of care are being offered. 

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