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Power of Attorney 

Our advocates have served in the role of Power of Attorney for several individuals throughout the 20 years we have served seniors.  As a Power of Attorney we hold a medical and fiduciary obligation to ensure all of your needs and expectations are met in a reputable and responsible way.  If you are planning ahead and do not have a Power of Attorney for yourself or you are supporting mom or dad & they do not have a Power of Attorney in place, it is an important thing to consider.  

A Power of Attorney can and will make sure your needs are being met in the way you deserve and expect.  If for instance you are hospitalized and cannot speak for yourself, your Power of Attorney can and will step in on your behalf and assure your needs are being met and your wishes are being followed through.  If and when life becomes too much to handle due to medical or life changes and you may not be able to manage your home, your bills, or your life a Power of Attorney can help.  In a crisis situation havi​ng a Power of Attorney is invaluable, everyone should have one.  If you don't have a trusted source in your life, or you have family that lives out of state or out of the the country and you are in need of a Power of Attorney to support you, our advocates can act as either Medical and/or Durable (financial) Power of Attorney.  

Our Power of Attorney's can help you Feel Secure knowing that your medical and financial needs will be followed through by someone you can trust who will make sure your directions and wishes are honored. We support with medical decisions & act an advocate & liaison between you and your providers. We offer Peace of mind knowing your bills will be paid on time, your care needs are met and your life is supported by someone who is on your side.  

Having a person you can turn to in times of great need is invaluable, and something everyone deserves.  We are here to help.  


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